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Costa Mesa Fire Explorer Post 400

Fire Exploring gives young people valuable insight into the fire-fighting profession. This insight will allow the individual to decide whether or not he or she desires to pursue a greater role in the fire service. The Explorers meet at the various fire stations throughout the city every other Thursday evening 6pm-9pm for training sessions. Also, on the first Saturday of every month they report to the training center from 8am-12noon for more in-depth training. During the meetings firefighters teach various work skills that can be used to train for and enter the fire service. 

During the bi-weekly meetings the firefighters hold classroom lessons or give manipulative training. Some of the more basic classes that are taught are: ropes and knots, ladders, hose evaluations, self contained breathing apparatus, basic Emergency Medical Technician skills, and the inventory on the various engines (quints and trucks) in the city. These skills are required for the Explorer to become ride-along certified. When an Explorer becomes ride-along certified they have the opportunity to schedule a day with the firefighters to come to the station to ride on calls and gain experience and an understanding of the basic skills required of firefighters today. Some of the more advanced training the Explorers are involved in is: search and rescue, rappelling, and live fire fighting. During these classes Explorers are given the opportunity to perform many of the firefighting skills they have been taught. The Explorer Post not only teaches each individual skills that will help them through his or her academy training, but it will also help them get a career as a firefighter. It teaches them what departments look for in a firefighter and how to present themselves as the best candidate for the position.

The Fire Fighting profession is not only about putting out fires and saving peoples lives. Being a firefighter means that you work with the community: from teaching kids what to do in emergencies, to inspecting buildings in an effort to prevent them from hazards that could lead to fires. The Explorer post teaches young adults about community service by participating in many of the volunteer events held throughout the city. One of the events the Explorers participate in is the fire expo, where we have an open house to the public and show them what we do in emergencies and the skills and equipment that firefighters have to save lives and property.

The Costa Mesa Fire Explorer Post is open to young adults from the ages of 16 to 21 who are interested in becoming a member of the fire service. The Explorers meet every Thursday and occasionally on other days for special events such as volunteering for the city or special manipulative training. Candidates for the Explorer post must be able to attend every Thursday night meeting, failing to do so will result in termination from the Explorer post.

By participating in the Fire Exploring program, the individual will gain personal confidence, learn to use various tools, develop mechanical skills and aptitude, and gain a greater awareness of personal and fire safety. The Explorer post is the first step for young adult to gain a head start into the fire-fighting career. Many Explorers go on to graduate at the top of their class in their fire academy and many have been hired on with various municipal fire departments. If you are between the ages of 16-21 then the Explorer post is a great experience and a lot of fun.


If you are 16 years of age and want to start gaining experience in the fire service, then we suggest you apply for our explorer post. We accept new applications every October. The process to become an explorer is as follows: Parent night - every October (located at 2300 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA), Applications are handed out one week later, Oral interviews are scheduled, and accepted candidates must attend all six Explorer Academy training sessions. Follow our Costa Mesa Fire Explorers Post 400 on Facebook for updates.

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